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Toyota, Nissan on a slip: Honda, Hyundai gains


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The new news compels us to report an 8 per cent bump for Hyundai. And, these are as a result of the new crossover. Fiat Chrysler, Ford and G.M. don’t give monthly U.S. data, preferably a quarterly one. And, here we are with what we could get.

the current things!!

Honda and Hyundai marked an increase in the sales for October, while Nissan and Toyota had a loss it seems in the industry. These are results in more luxurious incentives and kicked off the fourth quarter. The outcome was 17 million orders for straight five years. Honda Motor Co. got a considerable rise in truck deliveries, which accounts for 7.6 per cent. Hyundai also came to the same path for an 8 per cent gain. The other industry paid the price because of the atmosphere due to labour day perks. The decline was 12 per cent. Though this profit couldn’t make up the September losses of Toyota Motors Corp. and the overall was a dump, of 1.2 per cent. Nissan Motor CO. marked a 5.8 per cent decline for a fourth continuous decline in five months.

the analysts word!!!

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For the next quarter, Detriot 3 is keeping quite along with Ford Motor Co., Fiat and General Motors. So, we are going to hear from then on 4th Jan next. According to the Automotive News Data Center, an overall decrease of 1.8 per cent has resulted in the industry. And it includes 12 per cent losses of General Motors due to the UAW strike. Other companies involved are 1.9 per cent of Ford Motor Co. and 2.8 per cent at FCA US.


The sales of U.S. light vehicles was high. It was as a result of the early forecast as well as extra selling day and better discounts offered by the automakers. These forecasts count from Cox Automotive and J.D. Power. But ALG had some other calculations. The analysts still think the sales to top 17 million this year. And this will surely be more than the one predicted early this year. But we are here for the profits and surprises. So, all credit of profit goes to light vehicles. That’s it!!

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