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Toyota RAV4 Hybrid waiting time changes again, Features, Launch Date, and Price

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Waiting time more than six months, this sounds like it’s for some supercar or hypercar but it’s not. You read it right, that is actually the waiting time for a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid in Australia. The high spec RAV4 Hybrid has surprisingly received much popularity that at times the customers were asked to wait for up to eight months.


The Hybrid version was meant to contribute to 20% of the overall RAV4 sales, but last year nearly 60% was the demand. This unexpected demand led to a waiting period of nearly a year in some parts of the country.

Upon being asked, Toyota Australia Vice President Sales and Marketing, Sean Hanley, said that the company expected the hybrid version to be a hit, but is surprised by the numbers and is working overnight to match the supply.

Much credit for the success of the RAV4 Hybrid goes to its fuel economy as it consumes nearly half of what other SUVs of this size do. The other reason for the hybrid version being a hit is it is not weird to switch to as it is not a plugin, instead of the battery charges while driving. And the long list of extraordinary creative and safety features also contribute to its success.

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Launch Date

By the end of February the target is to reduce the waiting time to 6 months and by the second half to nearly 4 months, he revealed.


The starting of this hybrid is $30,640.

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