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Toyota To Launch A Battery Operated EV In Collaboration With Suzuki, Expected To Launch Soon

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With all the companies pushing their limits to launch electric vehicles in the market, we also got some glad news from the world’s safety leaders, Toyota has confirmed that the Japanese automaker will be launching electric vehicles very soon, in the Indian Automobile market.

According to the sources, the Electric vehicle is under development with Suzuki motor corporation, which the company will reveal in Toyota Motor Show.

In the latest interview of Toyota’s Chief Technology Officer Shigeki Terashi with the media said that India is one of those countries which are in the top priority list for introducing Battery operated electric vehicles.

The main aim of a collaboration of both companies is to enhance and explore the possibilities of BEV’s in India.

From this partnership, we are speculating that Toyota’s electric vehicle for the Indian market will be majorly based on the Maruti Suzuki’s Futuro-E that is currently being tested in the country.

India’s largest automaker by volume is expected to introduce the electric Wagon R for the masses by the coming years.

This joint development of BEV’s for both the companies started a long back in the year 2017.

Both companies aim of exchanging resources and engineering knowledge, as well as vehicles to be badged under either brand names.

Just like the Toyota Glanza introduced this year, which is essentially a rebadged Maruti Suzuki Baleno, it was the first product to be launched under the collaboration of both companies.

With very few details still available on Toyota’s Electric car, but the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Electric has already been showcased and has been spotted testing a number of times on the roads.

Although with the information available from the company, the electric Wagon R though could be restricted for commercial buyers, and not for personal buyers due to the high cost of the model.

The company also claims that the model is expected to have a range of nearly about 130 km on a single charge and will support standard AC and DC fast-charging.

Still, speculations are there that the Toyota EV will either be based on this same Wagon R or could be a new product altogether using EV technology co-developed under the collaboration.

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