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Triumph Tiger 900 GT Plus, Pro rally review, travel test

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There are big bikes for fun and then there’s the Triumph Tiger. It is one of the most recognized and admired motorcycles in the category and in the process it has created quite a following. It goes without saying, though, that pulling the plug on a long-running. A profitable motorcycle requires some strong confidence and replaces it with something that’s all-new and completely different.

Will it resonate with folk legions? Will it tick and pull the boxes at the heartstrings? Can it fit in its predecessor’s incredibly big, adventure-motorcycle-sized shoes? We have come to lovely Morocco all the way to find answers.

Triumph started working on the new Tiger 900 from scratch. So there’s no resemblance to the Tiger 800 on the machine you see here except for the switchgear that was taken in. I think was essential. As the architecture of the old Tiger had grown long in the tooth amid timely upgrades.

We have also eliminated the laundry list of monikers denoting Tiger skewed on the track and off-road. The current Tiger 900 simply known as the GT or the Rally. The Pro suffix on either motorcycle means that it the top-of-line edition that fully loaded.

About Rally:

The GT Pro the top-spec road-based Tiger with a manually customizable, gas-charged mono-shock, visible in cast alloy wheels, lower ride height, and its updated Marzocchi suspension. As you must have guessed by now. The Rally Pro the highest-spec off-road-biased beast. As seen in its fully adjustable and long-travel suspension (now Showa), higher ground clearance and the wider front axle.

The Rally now gets tubeless wire-spoke rims–a much-needed piece of equipment that has been lacking in the Tiger 800 XC range all along. It makes repairing a puncture and getting back on the road incredibly convenient but there might be a few hardcore off-road junkies who would have preferred to have the inner tube so they could move on in case of a rim curve.


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