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Vikings season 6: know the cast, plot, and release date of the new season..!!! 

Vikings is a historical drama TV series. The series is created and written by Michael Hirst. The genres of the show are historical drama and action-adventure.

The series has completed 6 seasons so far. The series Vikings were first aired on March 3rd, 2013, with 9 episodes as season 1. On February 27th, 2014, Vikings was renewed for a 2nd season with 10 episodes. On February 19th, 2015 came season 3 with 10 episodes, season 4 on February 18th, 2016, to November 30th, 2016, with 20 episodes and season 5 on November 29th, 2017, with 20 episodes.

The series got a rating of 93% from Rotten Tomatoes, 9.1/10 from, and 8.5/10 from IMDb. The series received positive reviews from the audiences, and the fans are excited for part 2 of season 6.

Vikings season 6 cast

The cast members from the previous seasons are returning for the sixth season. The cast includes Floki – Skarsgård, Lagertha – Winnick, Bjorn Ironside – Alexander Ludwig, Torvi – Georgia Hirst, Ivar – Alex Høgh Andersen, Judith – Jennie Jacques, Ubbe – Patrick Smith, Aethelwulf – Dunford, Harald Finehair – Peter Franzén, Alfred the Great – Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Ingrid – Lucy Martin, Kjetill Flatnose – Copeland and Pourunn – Gaia Weiss. No news about the fresh faces had been in the story so far. We will update you with the latest news.

Vikings season 6 plot

Ragnar Lothbrok is the main lead of the plot of Vikings. He is a farmer and belongs to a family of farmers. He is very hardworking and is determined to become a warrior and does all kinds of practice with full dedication. He imagines himself as the commander of the race of the Vikings. He intends to do so because he wants to attack England and achieve victory against them.

Vikings season 6 release date

Vikings season 6 has already been premiered with 10 episodes on December 4th, 2019, but the remaining 10 episodes of season 6 is yet to be launched. The first part of season 6 was terminated on February 5th, 2020. The production is, however, pending due to the coronavirus pandemic. A soon as the lockdown ends, the creators will be made to shoot the remaining episodes of the season. For more details, stay updated with us…


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