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Volkswagen Gives Beetle An Send-Off With An Emotional Video

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The production for the VW Beetle is finally over and the last model rolled off the assembly line in July.

Volkswagen is paying off its tribute to the iconic model with an emotional animated short emotional video over youtube.

Over its 81-year of the journey nearly 23-million-unit production run, the Volkswagen Beetle has changed countless lives and it mobilized the populaces of countries from Europe to South America, and in regions such as Mexico, as many as 80 percents of families are believed to have owned Beetle.

The video has been titled The Last Mile, the video has a young boy and his major life milestones.

The video starts with the young boy’s father bringing the Beetle home for the first time and soon, the boy’s learning to drive and going on dates, and he eventually owns the Beetle.

Then the boy, now a young man, falls in love, starts a family, and watches his daughter and family grow until he’s an elderly gentleman and the Beetle finally flies away into the sky.

The video is a touching farewell to an iconic and important automobile, which helped provided wheels to millions of people’s dreams around the world.

The iconic Beetle production ended in 2003, even though a modern New Beetle was introduced five years earlier.

In 2011 the Beetle’s design was updated keeping the rounded roof, but making it a bit more coupe-like more than ever before. That was the model that ended the production earlier this year.

The video ends with a glimpse of VW’s plan of electrified future of ID models while flipping the iconic “Think Small” Beetle campaign with “Drive Bigger.”

To say goodbye to an icon is never easy, but when Beetle production ended in earlier this year, Scott Keogh who is President and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America, said, “While its time has come, the role it has played in the evolution of our brand will be forever cherished.”

The video was a celebration of the Beetle’s incalculably great impact on humanity and an optimistic look toward Volkswagen’s future but at the same time an inescapable reminder that something significant is going to be over.

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