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Volkswagen’s Samba Bus Is Going Hybrid, e-Packs Nearly Double Capacity

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The great thing about electric powertrains that they allow cars to resurrected otherwise decrepit. The simplicity of building such a device. Along with the fact that there are not as many moving parts to take care of the means of repairing old vehicles. It can now do more quickly than we have ever known. And in the past year or so, we have seen quite a lot of such constructions surfacing.

Appearance Of The Bus:

The new such appearance is the e-Bulli. Once a Volkswagen Samba truck, which had modified by the carmaker’s Commercial Vehicles division and eClassics to operate on electricity. And even if this is just an idea, there are plans to bring it into practice.

The van was scheduled at the now-canceled Techno Classica 2020. But because the event did not take place. It made its online debut on Thursday, March 19th.

So, what are we going to get here? The body is the Samba bus of 1966. This has rescued after spending more than half a century walking the streets of California. While in the factory, the 44 ps/102 Nm boxer internal combustion engine replaced by an electric drive that produces almost twice the power: 83 ps and 212 Nm of torque, fed to the rear axle.

Apart from giving the van a new face, a thorough body reconstruction also carried out and the frame upgraded with new equipment, such as multi-link front and rear axles. A new rack and pinion steering mechanism and four internally ventilated disk brakes, among others.

Anyone in the market for this form of conversion should prepare for a financial shock. Available on sale, the e-Bulli should have delivered € 64,900 (nearly $70,000) to consumers.

The chassis has been upgraded with new components, such as multi-linked front and rear axles. New rack-and-pinion steering mechanism and four internally ventilated disc brakes, among others.

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