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VW T-Roc R vs BMW M135i: Which one is cooler, crossover or hatching?

We line up the T-Roc next to the BMW Hot 1 Series to see if Volkswagen has ended the long wait for a sporty crossover that is identical to the hatchback.

Have a go-to list all the go-faster crossovers that you can buy and change from, what, 45 percent. And do take your time, please.

According To Features:

The options are immense so I’m going to help out. You’ll know the Cupra Ateca already. If you’re prepared to spend a little more, you can have the much bigger, twin-turbo Skoda Kodiaq vRS diesel.

There’s the Audi SQ2 and BMW X2 M35i; these are the ones for those who like it luxurious, and they’ll soon join by the GLA 35, which will enter a Mercedes-AMG line-up which includes the same number of crossovers as saloons today.

If you think about it, that is slightly sacrilegious.

Wait also for a Ford Puma ST and for Nismo to breathe on the new Nissan Juke. With 302bhp performance is about as small as their footprint on the track.

And these are just a couple of those who will ever sit on the floor of a showroom. Abarth once designed a 500X prototype with an Alfa Romeo 4C engine.

Thus Peugeot loosely inspires by his Dakar Rally-winning counterpart with the idea of a reverse-homologated 2008 GTi.

Industry insiders need to have accounts about endless similar projects, many of which could one day still contribute to a product you can go out and buy.

Simply put, the reach of this class has become bewildering, and with rising demand must certainly become more so. Whether it should be another thing – and that is why we are now stuck in a mid-January Welsh lay-by, suffering a deluge.

We have the keys to the latest T-Roc R from Volkswagen, which we think may be the finest hot crossover available to date. Which brings us to the second explanation that we are doing this.


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