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Want to be the one who actually puts a hundred miles on this Ferrari F12 70th Ann. Is the Edition?

Not enjoying the ex-Chris Harris owned the dark gray Ferrari F12 we shared earlier today? Oh, it turns out that we’ve found another fun sample that could tickle the imagination, and this one’s pretty cool. Even though the dual color theme isn’t for everybody.

If you’re a dealer with incredibly deep pockets and a penchant for limited edition exotics, you do not mind spending $398,900.

The vehicle is being sold by Marshall Goldman Ohio. And according to the report, the 6.3-liter. With a naturally-aspirated V12 engine, the rocket has only exceeded 160 miles (257 km). We wouldn’t go as far as to suggest this is a brand new vehicle. You would need a shipping mileage for that. As it’s similar.

Interestingly, this one of only five Ferraris made for this model. And with the first F12berlinetta to get it. As so for what this particular actually has to bring, yeah, let’s get into it.

The dual-tone Grigio Alloy exterior looks after 1958 250 GT Berlinetta and houses matte Grigio plates, matte black lower plastic parts. And so with outer panels, soft chrome highlights.  So, 70th Anniversary outer quarter panel badges, 20-inch alloy tires, black calipers. And also a sports exhaust system.

If you think that’s cool. But wait before you learn about the Dune leather interior. This features black leather upholstery on the lower windshield. With central door panels, armrests, rear wall, rear rack, belts, and headphones.

Then there’s the black Alcantara on the black carpeting, lower center console. And angled vertical pipes on the aluminum parts, benches, Beige Charo stitching, matt black cup holders. With special badges between the benches (with uncovered seat backs) and a lot more.

In terms of onboard products. We list the cruise wheel, thermal insulation windscreen. And the yellow rev register, the parking mirror, the passenger side panel, the satellite radio, and the high-power audio system. Interestingly, when the vehicle was new (which is actually still is). It cost $473,738, plus almost $150,000 in options.



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