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Westworld season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and All Detail Is Here

Westworld season 3 is only days away, and we’re here to prepare one for the return of HBO’s hit sci-fi show by rounding up all the key information so far: release dates, trailers, posters, and even some quotations from the cast and crew on what to expect in the upcoming eight-episode run.

We’re from the playground and Dolores is on the warpath, everything is completely new again. Don’t lose yourself in the frenzy. We are here to guide you each step along the way and, as the twist and turns continue, we discover these violent delights have violent ends. And this is the first step.

Westworld season 3 fast facts

  • Westworld season 3 release date: March 15
  • Westworld season 3 cast: Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, Ed Harris, Luke Hemsworth, Aaron Paul, Vincent Cassel, Lena Waithe,
  • Westworld season 3 showrunners: Lisa Joy, Jonathan Nolan

Westworld season 3 Release Date

The Westworld season 3 release date is set for Sunday. Episodes will broadcast on Sundays. With just eight (as opposed to the usual 10) episodes confirmed, that means the Westworld season 3 finale airs on May 3.

Westworld season 3 Trailers

HBO took advantage of the fact that pretty much everyone tuned in to watch the Game of Thrones finale and aired the initial Westworld season 3 trailer shortly before incident 6 started. Yes, it’s been long.

You can watch for yourself in the Westworld teaser above, but it shows surprisingly little. The focus would be on Caleb by Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul who narrates the trailer played. “Sometimes it looks like the world appears alright like they have put a coating of paint on it,” Paul says in a voiceover. “But inside it is rotting to pieces”

The Westworld trailer reveals Paul’s character going about his normal life – work, seeing family, engaging in what looks suspiciously like crime – all set to the soundtrack of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, and it’s not until the final few moments that we get a fantastic look at the one and only Dolores. She doesn’t seem in a good way and we’re betting that is going to get pulled into her world.

SDCC 2019 bestowed upon us a mysterious trailer that showed off a number including Dolores’ descent into villainy, as well as a brand new park. While the more facets of the series were left out of this Westworld season 3 trailer for obvious reasons, there was still plenty to parse out of it.

“We all have a part to play,” starts Dolores. The ties to the two seasons appear though the shots of the landscape on the planet immediately contrasted that past the park as limited as the season 3 trailer starts to play.

Tessa Thompson’s autonomous Hale can be observed having escaped from the playground, while Bernard seems to be in exile on earth beyond Westworld — and would like to”put a stop to [Dolores].”

Maeve, though, is still stuck at the park — especially the newest War World (more on this below). The trailer ends with rapid-fire shots of Ed Harris’ The Man in Black looking worse for wearable-Dolores being hunted down by (presumably) members of Delos, and Maeve kicking Nazi butt, because why not? That’s the point, isn’t it — although we didn’t get replies from the Westworld season 3 trailer?

Westworld season 3 even comes packed with some exceedingly creepy teasers. Case in point: that”Incite Anthem” mini-trailer. It may not seem like anything whatsoever at first glance, but it introduces us to Incite, another dark new firm, one which promises”unprecedented computing capacities.”

More recently, there’s been a new Westworld seson 3 teaser which additional fleshes out the lore of the Earth, including some substantial dates in (future) history, with every called a’divergence.’ They comprise:

  • Ecological collapse in Indonesia (May 20, 2020)
  • Assassination of the President-Elect of the United States (December 9, 2024)
  • Thermonuclear incident in Paris (October 9, 2025)
  • Russian Civil War (February 19, 2037)
  • Solomon System Initiated (17 April, 2039)
  • Unknown critical event (27 February, 2058)

As the teaser shows, season 3 will deal with the fallout of this unidentified divergence, together with it having something to do break from the park.

Then, there’s this: the primary Westworld season 3 trailer. It is even hinted, and a lot than the first two at a showdown between Maeve and Dolores, who has been tasked with putting an end to the leader of the Host rebellion. The Man in Black is also looking to”save the fucking planet” so, there’s that.

Westworld 3 episode titles and Synopsis

Here are the confirmed Westworld season 3 episode titles and synopsis for the first half of the year. Are there any indications hiding inside?

  • Episode 1: “Parce Domine” – If you’re stuck in a loop, try walking in a straight line
  • Episode 2: “The Winter Line” – People put up a lot of walls. Bring a sledgehammer to your life.
  • Episode 3: “The Absence of Field” – If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, don’t blame the mirror
  • Episode 4: “The Mother of Exiles” – The truth doesn’t always set you free

Westworld season 3 Poster

Hooray, we got while we whittle away until March a Westworld season 3 poster to lovingly gaze. Nothing fancy here, only three lines that are straight to indicate seasons we’re on, in addition to calculating the evolution of Dolores, Bernard, and Maeve. If anything, it is almost overly simplistic for a show as multi-faceted and furiously enigmatic as Westworld. Still, have a look at it over and tell us if you find any clues tucked away in its fringes.

Westworld season 3 Cast

The Westworld season 3 cast news is that the Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad has joined Caleb, as a series regular, and that he could be the most intriguing new edition of the show.

Paul (who said during the SDCC panel he’s a”psycho lover” of the series ) will be attached to Big Bad Dolores throughout the season, and she may even mellow due to it. Evan Rachel Wood, for her part, told the SDCC audience that”Her interactions [Caleb] type of make her challenge her assumptions about humanity.”

Aaron Paul’s personality could have a robot puppy is down as a series regular and, interestingly enough.

He will be joined by additional newcomers Master of None star Lena Waithe, Scott Mescudi (aka rapper Kid Cudi), and former NFL player Marshawn Lynch, who all appear at the teaser trailer as part of Paul’s crew.

As for new Westworld season 3 cast members, there is the information that French actor Vincent Cassel, who you might recognize from Ocean’s Twelve and Swan, will feature, as will Sons of the Tommy Flanagan of Anarchy. Each of these improvements has recently been confirmed at a post by HBO.

In terms of returning cast members that are Westworld, we know Evan Rachel Wood will be back as Jeffrey and Dolores Wright as Bernard given where we left him at the end of year 2. But some other recognizable faces have been verified for the season, which might surprise you and could count as minor spoilers, so make certain to would like to understand before reading on.

For the next season, Thandie Newton’s Maeve is back despite her obvious demise in year two.

Tessa Thompson will be back, but we are not sure as who Dolores has their very own body. “We’ve got a very diabolical arc to get her planned out,” co-creator and showrunner Lisa Joy tells THR. “Part of the pleasure for the character is going to be self-realization. She will be realizing the things we know about who she is.”

And although many assumed that the Man in Black wouldn’t return, Ed Harris, is quite much involved. Speaking with HuffPost earlier this year, Harris had been tight-lipped on his character: “I have no idea where it is heading. We are not likely to start shooting season 3 till next June so that I do not even know if I am in it or not,” Harris said. “I figure I’m? However, I don’t know in what capacity, and I don’t understand what will be happening. We are going to find out.”

Expect what and anything. It is Westworld, after all.

Westworld season 3 Location and parks

The Westworld season 2 end sees Dolores break from this park, so does this mean that the majority of Westworld season 3 will be put in the quote-unquote’real’ world? According to Nolan, the solution is yes.

Elaborating into EW, he explained: “We are very excited about where the third season goes. It’s been very long. And we’re incredibly excited about what that looks like and sounds like and what precisely our Hosts find out there.”

While that all sounds well and good – and we can’t wait to find Dolores take about the real planet – could a series like Westworld leave… well, Westworld supporting?

Thankfully, Joy advised THR we have not seen the last of the playground. “I don’t necessarily feel that we have seen the last of those artificial worlds which are central to the concept of our series as a whole,” she said. “However, the significant lens that we’ll have is going to be the true world. If the park does emerge and come back, we would plan on explaining how that may be, and why.”

What parks can be unveiled? A Reddit consumer has discovered shots of a medieval village, while the advertising has previous for teasing new parks. Season two, as an instance, revealed Shogun World before it had been confirmed in the series. If that’s the case be sure to keep an eye out for any HBO websites which don’t quite match.

There are three additional DELOS worlds yet as well the Hosts’ heaven, which is known as the Sublime. When asked regarding why those three other parks were not revealed in season 2, Nolan replied: “Well, not all our favorite characters have been able to escape nonetheless, so…” implying that Maeve and some of the additional Hosts that are nevertheless in a park could wander into these new worlds throughout the season.

And, so it proved at SDCC: We now have confirmation of War World, a Nazi-ridden WW2 playground. Not much is known about it yet, but you can see that Maeve is stuck in there — doing exactly what, we can not be sure — and it may be a struggle.

There, you will discover a message mirroring the events of the show — specifically, the park is closed down — and a shot of what seems like a Belgian-style village with a war airplane hovering. That certainly lines up with those medieval rumors…

Westworld season 3 Timeline

Westworld’s timelines have caused us headaches than we care to admit and have become a hallmark of the show, so it is safe to say that season 3 will comprise a few timelines.

However, based on the Westworld season 2 post-credits scene, how could one of these be set in the future? “Not necessarily,” Nolan told EW. “We just love the ability to perform perceptual terms together with the Hosts being immortal.” Of course, that post-credits scene is more of a mind-blowing WTF tease rather than an indicator of what is to come.

Do not despair if you are desperate to learn what’s happening in that end-credits sting, however, since if Joy is to be believed, we will go back to that timeline… at some point. “I believe narrative is something we will get to eventually.” Joy advised THR. “But season 3, the main story will not be leaping that far ahead. I’m really curious creatively to see what occurs to Dolores and Bernard, now that they’ve finally earned their liberty. I think we’ll see a lot more of that.”

Don’t forget, also, that Westworld season 3 might mess around with simultaneous timelines multiple timelines, and a good deal of other timey-wimey crap. You won’t be alone if your heard hurts during the return of the show then, don’t worry!

Westworld season 3 Story

Unsurprisingly, the showrunners are unwilling to go into details about the Westworld season 3 story, but Nolan did have this to say when THR questioned him on the plot of the season:

“I think it’s a radical shift,” he said. “What’s persuasive and appealing about these figures is they’re not human. People are bound by the same loops the hosts are, in some ways even smaller, as we said in the show. You couldn’t expect characters to endure and to withstand the kind of story that we’re telling. The Hosts have a different model of mortality. As she is laid out I think clearly with Dolores, is an opinion that is longer here, a bigger set of aims. They are existential. They span eons. And that is a fascinating level of story to engage in.”

Joy added (also via THR): “The first season was an intimate look at the playground from inside the loops. In the next season, the hosts were able to explore more of this playground and the loops broke apart. In the next season, they’ve broken from the park itself. We are in a new terra incognita. From the beginning, when Jonah and I were considering the series as far back as the pilot, we knew we wanted to explore other worlds at the park, and we knew the 1 world we’d start to see little glimpses of throughout the first two seasons was the real Earth, and that we’d get there eventually — when we did, it would be a whole new experience.”

Reading too much into those remarks (since, why not?), it appears the Westworld season 3 narrative will, again, concentrate as a character on Dolores. We’ll also be getting more of a glimpse at the world that is real; the audience ever obtained glimpses of what is beyond the park during flashbacks in season 2. That’s backed up by fresh celebrity Aaron Paul, who said during a recent interview with Men’s Journal (via Metro) that year 3 will be”big and crazy and much more ambitious than last season.”

This season, however, may not have you racing to Google and Reddit so readily in search of concepts and hidden keys which can unlock the show’s mysteries”This season is a little less of a guessing game and more of an adventure with the hosts finally getting to meet their manufacturers,” Nolan told EW.

The double-meaning of’manufacturers’, however, can’t go unnoticed. Things maybe a little more simple, though that, too, brings.

As she’s already second-guessing what she can and can not speak about, Tessa Thompson may differ. She said, “I don’t understand how to discuss the show because I do not know what I’m allowed to say.” Could we expect the show’s myriad twists and turns to make a comeback again in the third season?

Nolan, however, didn’t reveal anything about the story in the show’s large Hall H panel — his reluctance to divulge plot points is almost legendary at this stage — but revealed that the Westworld season 3′ motif’ will be”The New World” in much the same way as Westworld season 1 was encapsulated by the theme of”The Door.”

Westworld season 3 Episode Count

The Westworld season 3 episode count was confirmed, and you may be somewhat frustrated. Rather than its usual batch of 10 episodes, season 3’s premiere will kick off an eight-episode run, as supported in early September by HBO.

There you have it! Everything you need to learn about Westworld season 3… for now. Again, make sure to stay with in the coming weeks for all fresh Westworld season 3 news.


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