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What Will Happen If You Put Alcohol In The Bike Instead Of Petrol?

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You must have heard about many strange experiments so far, but have you ever heard that someone put alcohol in the bike instead of petrol and then tried to drive the bike. Although many people will say, what is this stupidity? But a person actually did this and also put a video of it on YouTube. So let’s know today whether the bike will run or not by adding alcohol instead of petrol.

What Happened When I Put Alcohol In The Bike Instead Of Petrol?

For this experiment, the person first takes out all the petrol from his bike and then puts alcohol in it. The man puts Isopropyl Alcohol in his bike, in which the alcohol content is 95 percent. Let us tell you that there are some things in common between isopropyl alcohol and petrol. Like showing a spark to both, a fire starts. Both go away in the air. However, the difference between these two is that alcohol mixes in water and petrol does not mix in water.

Could The Bike Start With Alcohol?

Know that after putting isopropyl alcohol instead of petrol in the tank of the bike, when the person starts the bike, the bike starts at once. But it is believed that the little petrol which is inside the carburetor started the bike. Then the man decided that he would drive the bike for 1-2 kms till the carburetor ran out of petrol.

After walking about half a kilometer, the smell of alcohol starts coming from the silencer of the bike and the person understands that the bike is now running on alcohol and not on petrol. However, when running on alcohol, the bike initially jerks and starts stopping after a while. But after 2-3 kms the bike starts running well.

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