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When The Office’s John Krasinski Opened Up On Losing Captain America’s Role To Chris Evans And Everything You Know

Chris Evans Produced his MCU Introduction with Captain America: The First Avenger in 2011. However, the role was offered to The Office actor. Some fans feel that John could’ve pulled off, although Chris is ideal as Steve Rogers and Cap.

Chris Evans opened up on how Marvel, especially Kevin Feige wanted him to play with Captain America. Kevin didn’t quit on Chris despite rejecting the deal several times. But The Office celebrity John Krasinski looked forward to enjoying the character when he was offered. In a meeting with Ellen DeGeneres on the Ellen Show’ earlier, Krasinski had started about losing the role.

John Krasinski who played with Jim Halpert on The Office shared, “The fact is that they had not provided him (Chris) to, however, so they were like,’ let us see who else is out there’ until they provided it to Chris Evans. I went and I tested for Captain America. I got to wear fun suit. This is a true story. I put on the suit and this man was stern. I put the suit, it had been half-way upward, not wearing any clothes on. At this instant, Chris Hemsworth walks by and he was just like’You look good, partner’. No, you know what it’s fine. We don’t have to do this. He was like jacked. He was just like’you’re gonna appear great in that match’. I was like do not make fun of me Hemsworth. So, I just walked right ”

To this, Ellen responded, “You didn’t not.” The Office’s John Krasinski answered, “No I did not. I behaved my heart outside at the moment. Nevertheless, it didn’t work out.”

Well, John might have lost the job but there are reports he could join MCU. There are speculations that the celebrity might play with Reed Richards at MCU’s Fantastic Four. However, there is no affirmation regarding the same.


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