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Where Is We Promised The Pal-V Flying Car?

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One of the longest standing but still unfulfilled visions of the automotive industry is the development of a flying car. Over the decades, many have tried and most have fallen for some reason or another. In addition, the advent of drones in recent years has shifted the focus from flying automobiles.

Currently, there is only one company currently trying to make flying cars a possibility – which means machines you can both drive on the ground and pilot in the sky due to the lack of a better definition. The Pal-V is its label. It is based in the Netherlands.

In 2008, the company is still far from making this type of vehicle stick in. Despite having started work on its project more than 10 years ago.

The first version of its design, dubbed the Pal-V One, released in 2012, and the Liberty and Pioneer came about six years later, two gyro-cars that are ready to sell to buyers at least in theory.

We have now hit 2020, and the Pioneer already is nothing but a show-machine.

It will be on view again at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show from next week. As it did in the previous years.

What’s the hold-up, then?

On the one side, Pal-V claims the order book for the computer – that it costs at least EUR 299,000 ($327,000) for the record – continues to grow (we did not tell how many people ordered it actually).

The company says that it has just started the process of the European Road Entry. One of the biggest obstacles still in the business launch road.

We did not tell how much time it takes to give the green light. But Mike Stekelenburg, Pal-V’s CTO, suggested that in about ten years we going to start seeing a big increase in VTOLs flying over cities.

This will be on view again at next week’s Geneva Motor Show 2020.

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