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Why coronavirus could damage the F1 recording hopes of Lewis Hamilton

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It’s expected to affect championship milestones. Due to fall for Lewis Hamilton in the expectation that the 2020 F1 season will continue.

Assuming that the 2020 Formula 1 season not completely canceled and that any competition takes place. It will have an effect on the championship records which were due to fall.

The raging coronavirus pandemic has already triggered a postponement or cancellation of eight races. F1 officials continually moving back the start date deadline as they try to schedule as many rounds as possible.

F1’s 10 teams had also decided to delay the proposed 2021 overhaul of the technical regulations in an attempt to save money. While the regular summer break moved into a three-week spring slot between March and April to open up the month of August for any of the affected races to rescheduled.

Eight races considered to the minimum requirement required to make a World Championship season but, unsurprisingly, F1. And the teams will prefer more given the contractual constraints attached to each round. And so the lucrative television and marketing arrangements in place. Each lost race works as a critical blow.

F1 continues to face fresh challenges as the outbreak of coronavirus begins to escalate on a global scale. It causing much of Europe to take dramatic and stringent travel and social distancing steps-and even in some serious cases such as Italy, France, Spain. So, the United Kingdom-to enforce national lockdowns.

As such, preparations to launch the season in May initially pushed back to June 7, until the Azerbaijan Grand Prix became the new event to postponed Monday, moving the start date even further back.

The first meeting that is yet to call off is the June 14 Canadian Grand Prix. But it still predicted to happen in the days ahead.

But we and our partners completely anticipate the season to commence at some stage this summer with an updated calendar of 15-18 races. F1 CEO Chase Carey said in the new statement released Monday night.

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