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Why one should own or not own a Tesla Electric Car?

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I have said a lot of good thongs about Tesla and now, here I am, to make you a FREAK. The Tesla is all cool, affordable and Tesla Model 3 is a great thing, it is going to be gaining a lot of potential about becoming the best selling cars of all the time. But this has nothing to do with us. Why should the market stats touch us in our choices in any way? Although it may be fun with the software and not drive at all, it isn’t the right thing for everyone. So, I am listing a few things you need to observe in the not recommended Model 3 as your main car — just a few logical and rational things. And if you have it and can afford another one, go give it another a try.

Rough trails are rough

All the three models look similar for Tesla and are not well suited for the all-wheel drive. They are seriously not the best thing for off-roads like a Jeep or the range rover. Next year, we have t wait to see if the Model Y or the Tesla Pickup are suited for the rough trails.

Big haul stuff needed.

Though, no personal things for pickup lover, but a lot of people love the versatility and style. Until Tesla gives you a new model of pickup until next year, you cannot drag anything, without Trailer. Maybe, Tesla wants you to check up for the Bollinger and Rivian pickups that are coming out soon. The X and S have a lot of space but not wise to load dirt on a construction site. Isn’t it?

The rural area thing

If you are living in Alaska, Montana places, you will best know what it is not to have a Supercharger network. Tesla can be comfortable only for long trips with areas that have access to a well-maintained network of fast-charging stations. The Tesla or Chargepoint may go to rural areas in future but till then gas, diesel or truck is best for long offs.

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