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Why The Supra is COTY 2020 and BMW Z4 is not?

The all-new Toyota Supra 2020 is now manufactured from same BMW parts as the BMW Z4. Isn’t it surprising that the Advanced Supra made it to the COTY last round while the Z4 did not?

 Supra Advanced is priced somewhere between $8,000 to $13,000 as compared to the later. However, Supra consumed more gas, thus adding to one of its negatives. 

Chief Editor Ed Loh added in a statement that – “I appreciate the price of the vehicle and the decision to treat BMW as the supplier of such a vibrant and smooth turbo I-6. 

It sounds great. Also, the handling is pretty tidy on the smooth surfaces. But when you get, it loses stability control intervention is not next level, as it is with BMW. But it is very good at it, as the Supra likes to hang its tail out given the opportunity.

 It is a more comfortable car to set up and drive than the BMW because there isn’t a proliferation of modes. You have to decide if you want to shift it manually or not. Refreshingly, simple to drive after all the BMWs this year. Very direct. It is a simplified BMW.”

However, some criticism was shown over the interiors as well. 

Detroit editor Alisa Priddle added in a statement – “Inside we are talking all black with some white stitching in the leather and modest use of ‘carbon-fibre’ trim. The BMW sourced buttons look very dated, and there is a wireless charging tray for your phone but then a flimsy shelf on top of that.”

However, Angus MacKenzie, international bureau chief, didn’t forget to mention: “A real sports car, but not the groundbreaker the previous two Supras were.”


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Anoj Kumar
Anoj Kumar
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