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Here’s some info about 2021 Hyundai 45 EV wannabe.

Concept vehicles remain concept most of the time. And when it gets into production only 85% of the concept remains. Hyundai showcased it's 45-hatchback...

Rolls Royce Present her Self-Driving Concept Car in a future version

Supercar Blondie Must See the Rolls Royce HQ to check out the Rolls Royce Vision 103EX concept car. The vehicle is of what their automobile...

World Thorium Fueled concept car in our future

Thorium Fuel Concept Car Review The near future has not quite turned out as we anticipated. The truth was somewhat slower to abandon the model...

Geneva Motor Show 2020: BMW Concept i4 electric car a production version

BMW's 3 Series-sized EV accurate preview The first sedan of BMW is round the corner. Throughout its doors opening on March 3 the version, i4...

Mitsubishi Concept Car: Challenging The Conventional Engine With A futuristic Drivetrain Technology

The Mitsubishi Group is a group of autonomous Japanese multinational companies in a variety of industries. Historically it ahs been a part of Mitsubishi zaibatsu,...