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Suzuki Jimny Car Model Body Design And Specifications You Must know !!!

Suzuki Jimny is a Japanese car manufacturer who is making Japanese automaker Suzuki since 1970. It is a type of off-road mini SUV one of...

Know Fact Will Suzuki Jimny ever debut in India?

Suzuki Jimny has been the company's 3-door and 5-door SUV, which has grabbed the world's attention from time to time. The Jimny is the Japanese...

Suzuki Jimny Is The World’s Most Impressive Mini SUV

The first technology of Jimny turned into mechanically speaking the same to Hope Motor’s ON360. It had a 359cc air-cooled, two-stroke motor with two-seats...

Auto Expo 2020: Suzuki Gypsy/Jimny premium positioning showcased

The Suzuki Gypsy/Jimny is going to be marketed through the Nexa retail channel and will have a premium positioning. The version showcased in the Auto...

Auto Expo 2020: Suzuki Jimny which has an alternative providing that the ability

Auto Expo 2020 Suzuki Jimny is brought by Maruti . Gypsy was the long-wheelbase international Jimny / Samurai that is second-gen. It utilizes a...