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    13 Reasons Why Season 4 Cast, Plot And What to Expect ?

    For the previous three seasons of the show, it was filled with cliffhanger endings and mysteries. However, viewers anticipated that 13 Reasons Why season 4 ought to put an end to each of the unexplained things surrounding the series.

    Depending on the scenes from the 13 Reasons Why season 4 finale incident, it’s clear why fans were furious with its plot spin. The views were pretty bothersome. It did not even give the ending that they have been expecting to followers and the fans.

    As a result, the finale was criticized by fans on how the series shut with the death of a character. To prove the latter, audiences have voiced their grudge on Twitter.

    Another viewer described the series as stabbing and even used the word”bothersome” to express the thought.

    Plot twist

    The plot twist for 13 Reasons Why year four has been uncalled for. Given that the series aired with ten episodes, audiences were demanding a satisfying ending into the vexed version of Jay Asher’s novel.

    But, viewers that binged all 13 Reasons Why year four episodes on Netflix were quick to express their disappointment regarding the plot twist. The cause of dismay was how Justin Foley was murdered in the series.


    Looking back at the pilot episode of 13 Reasons, it disclosed that death was imminent. On the other hand, the chosen character that would perish was Justin. Because Justin’s role in the series was one, it was unexpected.

    Questions were raised since when he contracted HIV, which eventually led to 25, he already recovered out of heroin addiction but would meet with his demise. Additionally, Justin’s death proved to be a significant blow to the audience. It published a hellfire of adverse reactions from the fans and followers of this series.

    What to Expect

    Viewers relayed that the show failed to see the truth of things. It has missed the opportunity to prove that AIDS and HIV are severe dangers of the 21st century. On one note, the show has done a great job of playing with feelings. Among the actors, Devin Druid stated:

    “We’re fortunate that Netflix gave us the chance to get this many seasons and compose a real ending. Not every show has the same luxury, so I am thankful.”

    For the fans and followers, the final 10-episode clanger of the series was supposed to give close, but the end was not what they anticipated.


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