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    13 Reasons Why Season 4 : Ending and Closure

    With season 4 comes some new beginning and closure of old stories.


    An American teen drama web television series 13 reasons Why is developed for Netflix by Brian Yorke, it is based on the novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

    The series revolves around high school student Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker and the aftermath of high school student Hannah suicide. Leaving behind a mystery and suspicious box of cassette tapes in which she mentions details why she chose to end her life.


    With a strong and wide range of issues that youth goes through are depicted in the ongoing 4 season series. Suicide, sexual assault, bullying, racism, jock culture, mental health, drug addiction, domestic c violence, homophobia are major issues highlighted in movie and due to such a strong theme.

    Netflix added a warning card and from March 2018 on, a video that plays at the start of each season warning viewers about its themes. The series was in controversies due to the removal of the suicide scene fro the last episode of season 1.

    The series is produced by July Moon Productions, kicked to the Curb Productions, Anonymous Content and Paramount Television, with Yorkey and Diana Son serving as showrunners.

    The series first got attention when those tapes were discovered with that the story has taken different angles, twists and turns.

    SEASON 4

    The fourth season starts on a high note for Justin when he returns from rehab serious about staying on track by attending his support group meetings. After learning the reason for his mother’s death by drug overdose it leaves a strong impact on his life. The huge tragedy of this season comes during prom when Justin collapses on the dance floor. Justin is rushed to the hospital and tests positive for HIV-1, which has already progressed into AIDS. He had contracted the condition when engaging in sex work during his time on the streets. 4th season revolves around the closure of Justin’s story. A total turn in story leaves viewers flabbergasted

    There is no such statement about the season 5th.


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