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    13 Reasons Why Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot And All Upcoming News Is Here

    13 reasons why, the Netflix teen drama show that is original has its narrative revolve around the lives of high school pupils with stories involving murder, abuse, and bullying.

    The series also covers topics like drug use, adolescent drinking, sexual assault, mental health, suicide, and relationships planning to spread general awareness as to the same. The fascinating storyline has kept the viewers follow the show from the season involving the suicide of Hannah Baker that premiered on March 31, 2017.

    The coming Season 4 is very unique because it is confirmed to be the final of the series as affirmed by Netflix in August 2019, acquiring the 13 explanations why enthusiast base thrilled, excited, and also fraught with ambiguity.


    Netflix has not yet revealed the release dates but is expected by the end of the year 2020, though chances are the broadcasting dates may get pushed a little farther on till early 2021 well. The previous season was aired first in August 2019, together with the news of the release of the upcoming and final season of the show.

    Like the rest of the seasons, the season is also predicted to consist spanning roughly for 50 minutes to an hour.

    To appear in the new season, of course excluding Katherine Langford, who made her final appearance and likely Timothy Granaderos because their personalities and Justin Prentice were murdered in the season. Nothing as such has been shown, although new character looks can be expected, just like Grace Saif in the season.

    The end of Season 3 had, the crowd left with a lot more questions and several loose ends. The main question, however, led to, “Will Bryce Walker seek justice?”

    At the finale of season 3, we saw the way Montgomery de la Cruz was styled for Bryce’s murder after Ani describes to Deputy Standall how his son, Alex Standall was involved in the murder and puts across how they’re attempting to handle the circumstance, finally telling him”Let the dead bury the dead.”

    From the end though, Winston Williams turns up and faces Ani about how immoral it had been and how they framed Monty regardless of him being innocent. He claims to find justice and presents as Monty’s alibi. This left the audience on a cliffhanger of what could follow.

    Season 4 is so expected to exhibit the outcome of the scandal the teens tried to pull off, alongside catching up with all the side plots for example ‘What’ll the resurfacing of Tyler’s hidden guns result in?’ ,’ Would Tyler be put back to his previous self? ‘`Will Tony reunite with his loved ones?’ ,’ Can Alex get away with the murder?’ And more.

    Season 4 is going to be a thrill of a ride to the viewers as they are pushed to the show’s climax and replies to all the questions are shown.


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