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    13 Reasons Why Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything You Should To Know

    Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why is set to release its fourth and final season. Fans have begun formulating their notions on what will be a fitting end to the teen collection by weighing in while the pieces of this puzzle around Liberty High School will be unveiled soon.

    Season three concluded with the shocking revelation of how Bryce Walker, performed with Justin Prentice, was killed in the hands of the classmate Alex Standhall (Miles Heizer).

    Even though Clay Jenson (Dylan Minnette), Jessica Davis (Alisha Boe) and their buddies covered up the fact of Bryce’s murder by blaming Monty, the lies unfolded when a fisher recovers a bag of rifles hidden by Clay Tony Padela (Christian Navarro) and Tyler (Devin Druid) following the latter’s tried Spring Fling shooting.

    As per season 4 trailer, lovers have pointed out a dreadful fate of a significant character in the series, Justin Foley (Brandon Flynn).

    For the first two seasons, Justin served as an antagonist and one of the reasons for student Hannah Baker’s suicide (Katherine Langford). However, with the season, he became an essential part of the group. While he set his foot, it soon led to a stage of acute drug addiction.

    The same is foreshadowed in the four trailers, where Justin is seen in a hospital’s Intensive Care Unit of season. Fans are currently concluding that he is among the first significant deaths in the season.

    While watchers are predicting the death of Justin, some will also think he might be in the hospital because of a drug overdose and will be revealed recovering.

    While we are unsure what lies ahead in the last season of the show, be rest assured that it will put an end to the puzzles and bring close into their children at Liberty High School’s troubled lives.

    13 Reason Why 4 premieres on June 5 on Netflix.


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