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    13 Reasons Why Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Much More

    13 Reasons Why fans were on the edge of the seats as another puzzle surrounded Clay in his final season of Liberty High. This time he was sure who or what he was up against, while he is running from the law. Since his massive return for his final semester in high school, a mysterious caller kept his phone ringing non-stop, which makes him viewers wonder who was after Clay and what their motive was. In the end, it was among the biggest twists of this season and influenced what occurred alongside Clay and his friends.

    Clay began to acquire phone calls and texts from Monty’s cell phone number, causing him to panic about someone knowing that he’d have had something to do with his passing. The threats often involved the person behind the screen, telling Clay they understood that Monty was framed. Together with Monty’s telephone number, it had been possible they understood that Monty wasn’t involved in Bryce’s departure. They blackmailed Clay, forcing him to do a couple of things, such as becoming purposefully beaten up in public. Everything culminated in the Valentine’s Day dance when Clay got a telephone call asking him to go to the locker area. There he discovered that the walls in the showers were covered in blood, hinting in the way Monty was murdered in season 3.

    Clay led out to finally face the person who kept calling him but ended up finding a dummy he initially thought to be Monty and caught the knife. He attempts to rescue him as he didn’t realize everything that happened wasn’t real and that he had been hallucinating.

    Who kept calling Clay?

    Initially, Clay believed Bryce was being seen by him and turned out. A couple of seconds later, it is revealed it is Diego. The remaining part of the soccer team joined him, and they disclosed by using an app that allows them to hide their number and substitute it with a different they have all been calling him. At that moment, Diego and the remainder of the soccer team recognized they attempt to reach the base of it and that Clay was concealing something about Monty’s death.


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