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    13 Reasons Why Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Upcoming Status

    The worst is behind you if you have managed to sit through three seasons of 13 Reasons Why. Even though it’s all style and no substance, the new season is relatively better.

    You can imagine the simple plot and the climax of this teen drama by merely taking a look at a few of this season’s episode titles – Winter Break, College Tour, Valentine’s Day, Senior Camping Trip, College Interview, Acceptance/Rejection, Prom and Graduation.

    Observing the template laid down, a character is desperately killed by the writers. The suspense is that this season without showing who died opens with a funeral. From here, the story shifts to six months earlier.

    What revolves around teenagers helping a friend cover up a murder ventures into other pressing issues, and handles it loosely. Topics like feminism suicides, bullying, what punishment rapists deserve, dependence, and diminishing school system are touched upon. An episode is the nearest that the makers get to demonstrating the raw emotions of pupils at such times and the fear.

    In between, we get a couple engaging strings thanks to its editing and the false narrative of Clay Jensen as he copes with his trauma. Tragedies of all Justin Foley and the backstory, one of those beloved personalities, also make for an opinion.

    Most other characters from the seasons are horizontal. Take, for example. We see him digging through its injury. He is currently figuring out his heritage. The story voice Ani Achola, of Season 3 is shelved this season. I never truly understood I couldn’t care less when they awakened and why Ani and Jensen started dating in the first place.

    The storylines of Jessica, Tyler, Zack Dempsey and Tony Padilla too fail to strike a chord. This is a drama made for younger audiences. But it is still disappointing to see a series that suggests it aims to’raise discussions’ not urge any real solutions. Without giving a full account of those either, it is mostly fixated.

    Among the hardly any cases where the show steers towards any solution-based story is during Jensen’s therapy sessions. However, this also soon turns into repetitive rants and outbursts that increase our frustration. Meanwhile, the settings and performances continue to impress.

    All of the seasons are somewhat forgettable and stretched beyond the stage, Even though the season raised eyebrows across the world. Unlike previous seasons with 13 episodes every day, this last season has just ten (all nearly an hour-long), but it still manages to push the patience to the constraints.

    This latest season gave me another teen drama streaming on Netflix, a renewed appreciation for Riverdale, frequently compared to 13 Reasons. An unabashed soap adheres to its own intentions. 13 Reasons Why, despite its tall claims, is all around the area and drops of being a teen soap, shorts.


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