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    13 Reasons Why Season 4 Who Died At The End Of 13 Reasons Why Season 4?

    Following four years of stabbing storylines that entailed teen suicide, sexual assault, gun violence, homophobia, drug abuse, and mental health, 13 Reasons Why has concluded. On Friday, at a time when the hype for its formerly widely-discussed teenager series had long since dissipated, 13 Reasons Why debuted its final ten episodes, giving closing to Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) and his classmates who had been bonded together in the season after the death by suicide Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford). In keeping with the preceding 39 episodes, season 4 did not shy away from hot-button subjects, including killing a prominent character who had been diagnosed with AIDS off. Here is how 13 Reasons Why ended.

    Who Died At The End Of 13 Reasons Why Season 4?

    The final season of 13 Reasons Why is structured around the funeral of a few of those show’s characters, but it’s not before the finale that the deceased’s identity is shown: Justin Foley (Brandon Flynn), Clay’s adopted brother. At the end of episode nine, after reconciling with his former girlfriend, Jessica Davis (Alisha Bao), Justin collapsed in the senior prom. As is shown in the series finale, Justin had not tested positive for HIV.
    However, the virus had progressed to AIDS. (Justin, who abandoned his abusive home life at the end of year one, dwelt on the road throughout season two; during this time, he started using heroin and turned into a sex worker.) After a brief time at the hospital, he dies – but not before providing a chance to Jessica and Clay.

    Afterward, during his psychological funeral, a minister (performed by Phylicia Rashad) speaks to the show’s principal characters. The crowd itself provides a call-to-action for its long run. “Justin Foley died of a disease that in the inception triumphed in silence. A number are many diseases. Since more kids are stalked by death because we allow our fears, our pity keeps us. I say, enough. Enough blame. Enough pointing fingers. Perplexing Enough those who report the harm together with individuals who cause it.”

    But that’s not the ending of Justin in the 13 Reasons Why finale. Following the living characters grad, Justin seems like a vision to Clay – which sets up the yield of Hannah Baker for the first time since season two.

    Does Katherine Langford Appear In 13 Reasons Why Season 4?

    She does. Despite bidding farewell to the spirit of his first love, Clay is given one last chance to say goodbye to Langford’s Hannah, the woman whose death from suicide connected the show’s critical characters. (When she died, Hannah left behind a box of 13 tape tapes devoted to each of the people who had negatively impacted her life.)

    “You can love people who did bad shit. You can forgive people. Even the people who hurt you worst,” the spirit of Justin informs Clay in the series finale. “When you forgive someone, it’s more for you than them.”

    It is at the point Langford seems like Hannah. But she does not have to say a word. Since Clay is going to strategy Ghost Hannah, he’s interrupted by a young woman named Heidi (Veronica St. Clair). The set has a second, and the audience believes Heidi may be a future love interest for Clay.

    What Happens At The End Of 13 Reasons Why Season 4?

    After graduation, Clay and his buddies go and bury Hannah’s tape tapes after her death, effectively putting to rest why the show existed in the first location. Since the recordings have been being embedded, Jessica is confronted by the ghost of Bryce (Justin Prentice), the rapist who sexually attacked Hannah and Jessica. (Bryce was killed during the next period of 13 Reasons Why.) As Bryce says that he feels as though he won, even Jessica disagrees and proclaims that Bryce was responsible for bringing this group together in their trauma. “We must appreciate each other at the end of everything. You did that,” she informs him.


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