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    2003 Ferrari Enzo is the Highest Priced Car in Online Auction

    The latest news- One of 400 Enzo sold for $2,640,000. And it is a special occasion when a rare Ferrari is up for sale. And that too in an auction, being the former flagship model. Originally, this car was built in 399 pieces. And the 400th one was a gift for His Holiness Pope John Paul II, from Ferrari. RM Sotheby’s gave away the final Enzo in 2015 for 6 million. And again, there is record from the same auction house. It gets an online deal in the auction, which makes it the most expensive car sold in the auction.

    Talking of CHasis 13303, it gets $2.62 million with its third owner. It was in Driving into Summer auction. Now, if we take an idea of the cost gained by the item, it comes out to be huge. Back in 2003, Ferrari Enzo got a sticker price of $652,830. And now, 17 years later, it is handed over for over roughly four times its value. You are amazed by the expense, we know. Even with today’s competition, Ferrari Enzo manages to keep its charm and a force to reckon. It gets its standards equal to those of present ones as well. Talking of this old beast and its specifications, it packs 651 Horsepower and 485 pound-feet of torque with its 6-litre natural aspirated engine. This supercar goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds. The top speed is 218 mph.

    And the design is still a marvel like an old wine.



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