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    2020 BMW M3: The Major Upgradation From It’s Predecessor

    The BMW M3 has been around with all speculations from the British automaker, first entering production in 1985 as a high-powered go-faster variant of the ever-popular BMW 3 Series.

    The latest F80 generation launched in 2014, essentially set a benchmark for all other fast four-doors to match, and now, there’s a new member in the family member.

    Dubbed internally as the G80, the upcoming M3 is shaping up to be quite the ultimate driving machine, so we gathered up all the rumours and reports available across the globe right now.

    The 2020 BMW M3 isn’t quite ready to show up to the world, but it’s getting closer to gear up for it’s a showcase.

    This time around, the prototype is wearing a production-ready front fascia with enough padding to hide most of the design, to protect the chassis from leaking before it’s arrival.

    In the leaked pictures available on the web, if you take a closer look at the grille, you can see the official and slightly larger grille is in place – replacing those square screes that we saw way back in May 2019.

    At this point, the 2020 BMW M3 has been going through all the testing phases it could go through, so you shouldn’t be even the least bit surprised that there’s nothing new to report about BMW’s go-faster sedan. In fact, absolutely nothing has changed since the last time we saw it.

    Well, almost nothing – there is a new hole in the rear fascia to the outer side of the left-most exhaust outlet, in the upper left corner of the fascia’s insert.

    It looks a little too round to be an accidental tear in the camo, so it’s quite possible that BMW may be testing some kind of air passthrough vent.

    Regarding the powertrain configuration and drivetrain, the new model is equipped with New engine package, same as the M4 Twin turbo 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder, 500 horsepower at the peak with eight-speed automatic, Rear wheel drivetrain or all wheel drive system, Likely to be equipped H2O injection system.

    The interiors of the vehicle are also styled well, with all modern systems and sensors equipped with it. Information regarding launch and price is still a mystery to solve.


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