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    2020 McLaren GT:A blend of true racing DNA

    Carrying a long-lasting legacy of racing under its hood, McLaren Automotive is a true standard for performance since 1985. Starting from the very first McLaren F1 in 1992 to the fresh arrival of McLaren GT 2020, the company always challenges the innovation in the field of automation. McLaren GT is the GT racing arm of McLaren Automotive, established in 2011 to develop, build and support all GT race activities. The first-ever car designed and developed by McLaren GT was 12c GT3, which was revealed to the world in 2011, with the much-anticipated aura and performance.

    Even with the development of McLaren GT 720S, the developer was still on the verge, looking to ensure a true supercar performance, and now their sleepless nights and toiling hard work finally lead to the creation of 2020 McLaren GT. Under the hood lies the true beast, reigning with a massive 612 horsepower with 4.0 liter mid-mounted twin-turbocharged V-8 engine delivering a total thrust of 465 lb-ft. Of torque. The main feature of this car is a super light chassis, featuring an impressive weight to power ratio of 5.5 pounds per second. This could be only possible by adding a carbon-fiber chassis, including a carbon fiber rear upper structure that allows dealing with heavy load floor beneath its rear hatch. With the top speed of 203 miles per hour, the 2020 McLaren GT can accelerate from 0-60 mph in mere 3.0 seconds as recorded during the testing of the vehicle.

    The new model incorporates some of the inherited features of McLaren 720S like the suspension in the new GT is similar to 720s in design, but the spring rates are optimized for more comfort. The new feature integrated into the new 2020 GT is to control frequent shocks which are controlled by using self-designed damping software, giving a comfortable ride, which is a must feature in any grand tourer.

    A grand tourer needs to be fast, but the most important is how it delivers top-notch performance is a far more important topic of concern. Powerful, fast, comfortable- this is truly the new 2020 McLaren GT featuring a much anticipated and updated performance as well as luxurious comfort under a single roof. The true performance beast.


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