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2020 Tata Harrier BS6 Automated Review: Is the latest price tag warranted by the update?

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A year ago Tata Motors launched the Harrier SUV into the Indian market. The Tata Harrier SUV was the first model of the company to be part of their new philosophy of design and architecture. The Harrier SUV looked very promising at the time of launch. Offering broad dimensions, imposing presence on the lane, sleek styling and a cabin packed with features and equipment.

After the initial hype with sales spiraling down month-on-month. However, the Tata Harrier struggled to take the momentum forward. So, one explanation for this was the lack of an automatic on-offer transmission.

Now the company has eventually integrated an automatic transmission into the Tata Harrier. Tata Motors has also revised the engine on the 2020 Harrier SUV. So, in addition to adding the new gearbox, to meet the current BS6 emission requirements. While also substantially increasing the power figures.

Such recent changes and enhancements will nevertheless help the Harrier recover its losing place in the competitive SUV market or is it too late? Let’s work it out.

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Look And Design

The 2020 Tata Harrier BS6 implements the same concept as the outgoing edition. The Tata Harrier was the first vehicle to incorporate. As the concept vocabulary for the brand’s’ Impact 2.0.’ This concept was also carried forward on the 2020 iteration. With little or no changes made.

Beginning from the front, the 2020 Tata Harrier comes with the same set of dual-LED headlamp panels, with the LED DRL on top and the headlamp cluster of the main projector below. The fog lamps are mounted on the front bumper, which falls on the housing with a thin chrome bar. On the outgoing model, the front grille is identical to this, with a blacked-out feel.

Switching to the Tata Harrier 2020 side and rear models, we can see a new collection of 17-inch alloy wheel design along with sleeker, more proportionate styled wing mirrors. In comparison to these two improvements, the style remains unchanged on both front and rear profiles.

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