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2021 BMW M3 Car: The Ultimate Sedan for Performance !!!

With a lot of anticipation and enthusiasm building up, we say that after a successful Series # from BMW, we may also get a nameplate of the M-branded variant from BMW. And from our reports, we say we shall get an all-wheel drive, a rear-wheel-drive, and manual transmission.

Thus, we see BMW making the rumors coming true. Yes, they are coming up with the twin-turbo inline six-cylinder engine in the 2021 BMW M3. It shall pull off the power of something between 473 and 503 hp. It will also help in bringing about some quick acceleration.

The ultimate Sedan is going to bring more of the performance and potential of the track-ready hardware. And it shall surely go hard on its rivals such as the Alfa Romeo, Giulia Quadrifoglio and Mercedes AMG C63.

Of the powertrain, the oncoming 2021 BMW M4, and the M3, they will be featuring a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six. This is similar to the one in the hood of BMW X3 M and X4 M crossovers. This shall go for 473 hp, with 503 on the competition models. Also, there is a word from automakers of manual transmission and rear-wheel drive in the next M3.

Also, we can expect a better design from the previous version. Thus, look out for the beast coming in and make sure to try it out.


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