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    2021 Debuts for Hyundai i20: new design, technology, and mild hybrid system

    It also offers a fully digital cockpit.

    Leaked photos may have dampened the debut of Hyundai’s latest compact i20 hatchback, but only a bit. The third-generation model is unpretentious for making something of a splash in Europe with a fresh concept, new equipment, and a wide range of driver safety features that Hyundai claims is the most robust in its class.

    Let’s continue with the style of the i20 which is both familiar and at the same time novel. The current design style of Hyundai in the front fascia, with the wide grille and edgy curves.

    The high beltline of the i20 is still predominant in profile, linking at the C-pillar with a new quarter slot. The i20 gets a full-width LED lamp on the rear, attaching new taillights installed in a new hatch configuration that looks cleaner than the previous model. The rear fascia likewise looks like a tad cleaner.

    Proportionally speaking, the fresh i20 is still a very low hatchback. The roof is slightly lower. But by just a quarter of an inch (5 mm), the car is about one inch (30 millimeters) wider and ever-so-slightly longer.

    That also turns into an almost half-inch (10 mm) extended wheelbase and yeah. It means there’s a bit more space inside for rear passengers and cargo. Hyundai is not defining details for the back seat section. But the boot has an additional cubic foot (25 liters) of space.

    In the tech department, the big news for the latest i20 comes in. Hyundai provides a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster that integrates into a better digital environment with another 10.25-inch main touchscreen.

    Features such as wireless cell phone charging, wireless Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, and an eight-speaker Bose sound system are among the luxury options, and Hyundai’s Bluelink Connected Car Services provides all kinds of extras.


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