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    2021 Dodge Challenger ACR: The Viper Rivalling Star Supercar !!!

    We often hear gossips in the Automobile industry, and often, they make up what sees the future from different companies. And the water cooler one makes us sure of the resurrection of the 2021 Dodge Challenge ACR – which first came from Neon and then also the Viper supercar. We went through some interior rendering with some visual inspiration. This something from our part with none official. But this is not the end to our dreams of the 2021 Dodge Challenger ACR.

    The ACR stands for American Club racer. And it refers to a club of the track-ready version of Dodge sports car. Thus, it shall come with lots of carbon fiber and Aluminium lightweight material. They shall see prominent go in for critical positions as front clip and trunk. This shall keep better handling and also cut off significant wights.

    We say the ACR is coming with a classy configuration comprising the meaty 305 mm tires, adaptive suspension, and light wheels with large brakes. The car shall seek power from the R/T Scat Pack. This is a robust system that can provide 485 horsepower or 362 kilowatts and 475 pound-feet of toques. It is a 6.4 liter Hemi V8 pack, and it shall allow the customers to take it into racing without forced induction and supercharging.

    Let us look forward to some official talk about our dream car and hope it soon descends the market.

    Furious Mad
    Furious Mad
    Madhav Kumar is a student at BIT Sindri pursuing Electrical Engineering and has great interest in writing and research. He wants to share his experience with more people and also, learn from them.


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