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2021 Soriani Giaguaro is a naked sports bike and a sports touring bike also

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We don’t even have a category of electric bikes yet. And Soriani Motori, an old name in the motorcycle world is going electric.

2021 Soriani Giaguaro is the comeback vehicle of the Soriani Motori and its an electric bike. Giaguaro means ‘Jaguar’ in Italian. The bike is set to be launched at the EICMA show in Milan this November and hopes are that¬† COVID-19 doesn’t interfere anymore. For now, the bike will come in three models and will have a starting price of 25,500 euros.

On offer is the Giaguaro V1R, the base model, at 25,500 euros (RM122,141), followed by the V1S at 30,500 euros (RM146,112). The top of the Soriani e-bike range is the V1 Gara Limited Edition at 32,500 euros (RM155,687).

The bikes vary in style from naked Sportster to sport-touring. The Giaguaro is different from other bikes with the unique girder fork design that holds the front wheel. The discs brakes also deviate from the norm, using a perimeter hydraulic disc clamped by a six-piston brake caliper, something last seen in production bikes on the Harley-Davidson engined Buell.

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The bikes may have a range between 150 km of cruising to 200 km at city speeds. The top speed is said 180km/h with a charging time of four hours. 

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Rishabh Chugh
An automobile engineer by profession, writer by heart.

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