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6 Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe While Driving

Driving with kids can be taxing as they’re naturally curious and restless. Whether you are traveling short or long distances, it’s your responsibility to keep children safe both inside and outside the car. You can do a few things to get your car ready for the children to ensure safety. Below are ways to keep your kids safe while driving.

1. Use car safety seats

Child safety seats enhance safer traveling with a baby. However, maintaining your kid’s safety depends on picking the right car safety seat and using it appropriately. The ideal safety seat is the one that suits your child’s age, size, weight, and space available in your vehicle.

When choosing a seat that’s perfect for your child, ensure it meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Before your kid’s first ride, learn how to install and use the seat, ensuring their safety. You can also go to the car seat inspection center to determine if you’ve installed the seat properly.

2. Leverage child safety locks

When activated, the child safety lock ensures that the doors and windows can’t be opened from inside, regardless of whether the car is moving or stationary. If the children accidentally trigger the power window, their arms, hands, heads, or fingers could get pinned, injuring them, so apply the child safety lock feature each time they’re onboard. This ensures that they can explore safely without you worrying about them falling off a moving vehicle.

3. Don’t let them eat in the car

Allowing kids to eat in the car when driving can be dangerous, especially if you encounter a bumpy stretch. This is because if the child begins to choke, you may not notice it immediately, which could be fatal. When going for long drives, consider pulling over in safe locations to have their snacks. You can feed them before starting the journey then keep them distracted with toys and other forms of entertainment.

4. Keep them buckled up

Buckling up kids correctly in booster seats, car seats, or seat belts effectively protects them and reduces fatalities should an accident occur. Ensure the belts fit perfectly and use one seat belt per child. Avoid carrying them on your lap while driving, and never let them drive unrestrained. Ensure they’re securely buckled up before the start of the journey.

5. Always keep your car locked

Keeping your vehicle locked, whether in the garage or driveway, is essential to ensure your kid’s safety around your car. Locking your car ensures the children won’t play inside or become heatstroke. It also assures you that they won’t play with the vehicle controls, resulting in someone getting run over. Keep your car keys out of your kids’ reach to ensure they won’t open or start the vehicle.

6. Ensure safe seating arrangements

When driving with kids, ensure they ride in their appropriate seating positions. Ensure kids below 13 years always ride in the car’s rear seat and use proper seat belt, booster seat, or child seat. This keeps them safe from potential front seat airbag injuries as their bodies are fragile and small.


Ensuring your kid’s safety when driving should be of utmost concern. Use these tips for safe driving with your children.


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