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Auto Freak is one of the fasted growing and leading auto industry news and review web portal worldwide. We have based in United State and Dubai. It is managed and administered by Shaurya Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. Here we will help our esteemed visitor to get every detail about every car and bikes from the world.

We also have a powerful presence on social media, currently we have 2.7 Million Page likes on Facebook named Auto Freak which makes us the second-largest page automobile page in India. Every month we got millions of visitors to form well-targeted user and it helps us to grow fast and the most targeted way in the industry.

At Auto Freak review web portal visitor will get automotive content such as expert reviews, technical detailed and prices, we also provide comparisons review as well as videos and high definition pictures of all each and every brand and model available in India and aboard.

We also have tie-ups with automobile testing agencies as well as independent automobile testing engineers and many auto manufacturers to get genuine information and reviews about all kinds of cars and bikes.

Our car and bike reviews include feel of the car and we also provide 360-degree interior/exterior views with sounds of the car and detailed explanations of features with videos, search and comparison by make, model, price, features and live offers and upcoming car and bike.

Our platform enables users to have a clear vision and experience about a particular car or bike by individually or comparatively with the user of our wizards available on our automobile news website.

Our cars and bikes news portal are made on the latest technology developed by IT industry leaders that make our portal very sophisticated, lightweight and very fast even on 2G connectivity. Auto Freak is designed based on best user experiments that make our web portal very user-friendly. It helps our users to navigate on our website very easily. Currently, we are using the latest dedicated server for non-stop services for our users.

Our vision is to build a most trusted and robust auto review portal of the world that provide most reliable and genuine reviews about car or bike but also their component and elements like engine power, types, technology, test-drive experiences by the general public and many more.

We have a very dedicated set of teams which work simultaneously on the various sector of particular cars and bike to provide the latest news and best reviews of upcoming cars and motorcycle that will help our visitor to get the genuine idea about it. All our team members have well experienced and very dedicated professionals about the auto industry which makes us different from others.

Now, any people looking for cars, they must read their reviews about a particular cars and it makes reviews very important in today’s world review will help them in decision making at Auto Freak we will help our visitor to help them by providing them our genuine reviews and user experience of existing owner of cars and bikes.

We also encourage our future generation engineers from different colleges and government institutions to join us in our review teams for better standing about how mechanical engineering works in the auto industry and we also add their observation in our reviews to give our visitor clear and accurate information about the products.