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    AJ and the Queen Season 2: Expected Release Date And All Elements You Need to Know !!!

    AJ and the Queen is a comedy series. It is about a drag queen, in the company of an unusual sidekick. Together they travel across America.

    The first season has ten episodes packed with sass, drama and confidence from Ruby Red. Created by RuPaul and Michael Patrick King, the set is to premiere on Netflix on January 10, 2020. Season 1 scored a whopping 7.6/10 on IMDb. Although, it did get an unexceptional 52% on rotten tomatoes. We know that the show is famous for its comedy, and so do the critics. Critics appreciate the comedy. There are moments with absolute transcendent humour.

    AJ and The Queen Season 2: is it being premiered?

    The cast of the first season consists of RuPaul as Robert Lee, Michael Wooley as Louis Bell and more people. Unfortunately, due to bad ratings and comments by critics, the show will not be aired for its second season. The show contains scripting snags. RuPaul also faced a lot of trans phobic commentary. That, as expected, is something severe to deal with.

    In conclusion, No. The second season will not be released due to too many negative feedback from critics.


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