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    ALFA ROMEO: Presented Giulia and Stelvio

    Alfa Romeo: The Giulia and Stelvio receive an update

    The two divas of the Alfa Romeo range have experienced their minor flaws corrected.

    Only this Alfa Romeo has selected to exhibit Stelvio MY2020 and its Giulia about the snow and ice hockey. This year, the two models have experienced some welcome improvements. It’s a narrative of really rising to the challenge.

    But there’s no revolution. You don’t alter a style with a stroke of the pencil, a style that is recognized and has received many awards throughout the numerous niches coveted from the brand. The only real change is the new colors have been added to the color chart.

    The invention consequently lies in the inside. The central console boasts storage pockets as regards the layout, the gear stick has a pleasant texture and is leather-clad, while a notch, has moved up.

    Making way

    To hold its own and remain in the race, Alfa Romeo had to update its models by focussing on online connectivity. This has been achieved using an 8.8-inch infotainment touchscreen which can be continuously reconfigured, plus embedded Android Auto and Automobile Play connectivity along with a smartphone induction charger.

    The driver is presented with instrumentation comprising a newly constructed 7-inch TFT display with driving info.

    Stelvio and the Giulia are also brimming with the latest driving aids like automatic emergency braking, blind-spot detection or tracking the driver for drowsiness.

    Level 2 autonomous driving has also made its appearance. It offers lane maintenance assist and keeps the car at a secure distance from the car in front. The intelligent cruise control modulates the rate by recognizing the road signs.

    Driving pleasure still undamaged

    Aside from offering incomparable pleasure, driving on ice and snow can highlight the attributes (or faults) of a chassis. The Giulia and the Stelio have nothing to be ashamed of in this regard. The perfect balance of the platform (perfect 50/50 supply ) and also the caliber of the running gear make the Giulia and Stelvio perfectly safe and predictable, whatever the driving conditions. Obviously, the versions that are Q4 have traction in comparison with this rear-wheel-drive only version. The electronics always do the ideal thing while leaving the motorist in Dynamic mode some latitude.

    The MY2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giulia will be presented to the general public at the GIMS 2020 and are already available to purchase at prices ranging from 40,900 francs (Giulia) and 45,900 francs (Stelvio).


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