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    Alita Battle Angel 2 : Release Date, Cast, Plot And Other Details!!!

    Who wouldn’t like to see a Superwoman series or film!! When you receive the term Cyberpunk, we will get this film in our minds. Alita Battle Angel isn’t just cyberpunk, but it’s also a movie filled with actions. It had mixed reviews, but it left the right amount when it hit the theaters.

    Thus the film has got huge fans. The lovers are so desperate that they want the next season. But the makers of this movie are currently occupied. But why not we be optimistic?

    Release Date

    Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron would be the makers of the film. There is a doubt if there could be a sequel. So we have to wait around for this.

    Disney wants to give a green light for this use. But seeing the massive love from the crowd, they’d know the desire of this audience. So there may be a sequel. But even if we have a sequel, it is going to take much time for it to be around the monitor. It appears to be in the hands of Disney to provide a green light or a red light. Let’s wait.


    We can expect the majority of the cast to reunite along with reprise their roles. Hence the cast of the sequel film includes

    Rosa Salazar playing the role of Alita,

    Christoph Waltz as Dr. Dyon Ido,

    Mahershala as Vector,

    Ed Skrein as Zapan,

    Keenan Johnson as Hugo,

    Jennifer Connelly as Chiren,

    Eiza Gonzalez as Nissan.

    However, do we have some new characters to join? There’s no confirmation on this news. Even the manufacturers of this film have not revealed it. So let us wait till things become official.


    We don’t have any information on the story of this sequel. Furthermore, if you wonder about the trailer, the answer is no. When they begin with the production works, we may find some images or behind the scenes pictures uploaded from the throw. So maybe we could anticipate what could happen in the Sequel. But this could occur. In the sequel, Alita might know more about herself. Additionally, we might even get to know more about the true intension of Nova.

    So let’s wait for some more time until they receive the green light in Disney.


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