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    Alita Battle Angel 2 Release Date, Plot And Cast With Latest News And Updates!

    Alita battle angel is based on the Japanese most famous novel, Manga stories.

    The film is based on action, adventure, and Gunnm by Yukito Kishiro.

    It is directed by Robert Rodriguez and joint producer with James Carmon and Jon Landau.

    The first series of Alita battle angels is a joint production venture of Troublemaker Studios, 20th Century Fox, TSG Entertainment and Lightstorm Entertainment.

    It is released on January 31, 2019, and premiered on different languages in different countries and the original language Released in English.

    The Plot of Alita Battle Angel

    The story based on Japanese Manga Gunnm. The two couple story of Alita and Hugo with the endgame.

    This series is very close to battle Angel anime in 1993, based on two volumes of Manga novel with the end of Hugo’s death.

    There is an introduction of new characters as Nova whos presence is not in Manga, but later it happens.

    After the death of Hugo, Alita became a Motorball star along with a hunter worriers. She looses only her championship match against Jashugan, and then she killed Japan.

    The spec- ops gave her a new body with various goals, such as Nova’s ultimate killing.

    And stories continued after this happens.

    Cast And character of Alita Battle Angel 2

    It includes many casting actors in the series such as

    Rosa Salazar plays an important and lead role as Alita,

    Keenan Johnson as Hugo,

    Christoph Waltz as Dr.Dyson,

    Ed Skrien as Zapan,

    Mahershala Ali as Vector,

    Jennifer Connelly as Dr. chiren,

    Jackie Early Harley as Grewishka.

    And many others also played an essential role in the series.

    Expected Releasing Date of Alita Battle Angel 2

    The season first becomes very popular, and leading roles were very famous for their acting.

    Alita battle angel two is expected to release in 2020. Still, pandemic undermines it is decided to release in the next year 2021 or as soon as earlier possible.


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