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    Angel Has Fallen 2: About A New Installment Of Angel Has Fallen And Other Revelations!

    Here is all that a fan of the Angel has Fallen franchise needs to know about their new film

    Well, well, as most of you guys might be aware that Gerard Butler might be preparing for the arrival of a comet, but this surely does not indicate that he has forgotten everything about saving presidents and catching the bad guys.

    Te Entertainment Weekly organized a meeting with Gerard, during which he happened to talk for the exclusive first look that’s meant for his forthcoming tale named Greenland. The project’s genre excels in a thriller as well as disaster’s section.

    Here is what Gerard Butler had to say about a new film of Angel Has Fallen along with Ric Roman Waugh!

    He was also accessible with Ric Roman Waugh out of his group of some other project known as the Angel has Fallen and those guys gave every one of the fans upgrades on the future meant for the Angel has Fallen franchise along with the second film to the criminally underrated project of Butler known as Den of Thieves.

    Angel Has Fallen 2

    He explained about the protagonist Mike Banning in the Angel has a project that he thinks with everything which is happening now; they need him, while Butler was in a mood, and he needs to come back.

    Here is what Gerard has been working on about a new installment of Angel Has Fallen and other revelations!

    Gerard Butler went as far as to reveal that a fourth film as the sequel of Angel Has Fallen is put under the process of development. Butler said yes, he thinks that we will find another, but they’re just playing a fantastic idea at their hand at this time, and they are currently working on it.

    By saying that there isn’t anything much to say about it and hat, he concluded his details himself should stop. We have seen that Gerard Butler has worked on Angel Has Fallen and, last but not least, the job that has recently been announced and named Kandahar afterward with Waugh on three constant projects like Greenland.


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