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    Aquaman 2 Release Date, Cast, And Which Stars Will Return For The Film?

    DC Comic based Aquaman. The film was very successful and did great business at the box office for Warner Bros.

    When Is Aquaman 2 Releasing In The Theaters?

    A sequel to the 2018 superhit movie Aquaman is in development. The sequel to the film was announced in January 2019. This film’s pre-production will begin sometime in 2020. It isn’t known when the manufacturing work on the film will begin. The release of Aquaman has been put on December 16, 2022. Now the release of Aquaman 2 hasn’t affected.

    Who Is Coming Back For Aquaman 2?

    Aquaman was powerful, and the film’s manufacturers are getting the same team for the sequel of the movie. James Wan will go back to direct the sequel film. David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick was roped in to write the screenplay to the second video. He’d written the screenplay for Aquaman with Will Beall.

    Which Stars Will Return For The Film?

    Jason Momoa will reunite because of the half-human and half-Atlantean Arthur Curry. He is the Aquaman. Nicole Kidman will also go back for the sequel. She portrays the role of Atlanna Who’s the Queen of Atlantis. It has been verified that Yahya Abdul-Mateen will also reprise his character. He’ll describe the nature of Black Manta or David Kane. Nuidis Vulko will be returned as by Willem Dafoe. He has trained him and is Arthur’s mentor. Nereus will be returned as by Dolph Lundgren. He’s also the Xebel tribe’s leader and Mera’s father. Patrick Wilson will return as Orm Marius or the Ocean Master. Before Arthur dethrones him, He’s also the king of Atlantis and the brother of Arthur. Randall Park was seen as Dr. Stephen Shin. He will reprise the role. Dr. Stephen Shin is a marine biologist. He’s curious to discover the city of Atlantis.

    Who Will Be Cast As Mera?

    Back in Aquaman, Amber Heard portrayed the role of Mera. Mera is Xebel’s princess and is the daughter of Nereus. Since the proceedings between Heard and her former spouse Johnny Depp have taken an ugly turn, the lovers of Aquaman have been demanding the elimination of Heard. They have even signed petitions for her removal. It’s rumored that Emilia Clarke will replace Heard because of the brand new Mera.


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