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    Aston Martin Lagonda:Stretching The Concept Of An SUV

    Aston Martin launched the new line-up of SUV styled Lagonda Limousine concept prototype was hyped on the grandest stage of them all “The Geneva Motor Show,” which was seen by thousands of people in attendance and millions online. Now the British company is rolling out this concept on the ground zero levels with an all-terrain SUV concept. According to the sources, Aston Martin promised that this all-terrain SUV will enter production in whales in the early quarter of 2022. Behind the manufacturing of Aston Martin’s Lagonda was the theme of making technology invisible and with this concept car, the makers have stunned the exhibitors who attended the motor show. This technology was still very hard to digest at that point in time. The company claims that this model will completely re-define the concept of SUV. The model is still the size of a small train carriage, and it still has doors longer than the size of a smart car.

    The company proudly claims zero-emission, thanks to the all-new electric powertrain, which company claims to be an as realistic goal for the year 2022 onwards. Now talking about many technical specifications, it is still unknown and no official news regarding the specs sheet is provided by the company, but with the companies new vision, it is clear that an advanced Battery electric drivetrain will be powering the Lagonda. Featuring a high end, ultra-luxurious and supremely styled car, the new Lagonda claims to be reigning supreme over its other competitors.

    With never seen interiors of the model, the company claims to develop a very bold interior with such unseen elements that will be first seen in any of the cars. The interior is claimed to be all limousine styled design with spacious interiors as well. Sources suggest that the rear seats will come with the option of rotating backward during autonomous operations. The designers claim the newly build interiors as well as exteriors are designed in such a manner to brings a sense of personality to this model. The model seems to be future driven that inspires people from different age groups and is built to break the current trends in automobile society.


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