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    Attack On Titan Season 4: Release date, Cast, Plot And Who And Where Is Ninth Titan?

    Attack on Titan is a Japanese Manga Series. Hajime Isayama is the Writer and Illustrator of the Sequence. It’s adapted into Anime Television Series. Wit Studio is the Producer for Season 1, Season 2, Season 3. While MAPPA will function as Producer for Season 4. The First Season Contains 25 episodes and aired from April to September 2013, while the Second Season Broadcast from April. Season 3 beamed in 2 Parts. 1st Part Contains 12 episodes aired from July to October 2018. Moreover, the Second Component includes ten episodes aired from April to July 2019. But, Season 4 set to Premier in October 2020 Since Anime Fans are eagerly awaiting the Attack on Titan Season 4 Broadcast.

    Release Date: Attack on Titan Season 4

    The Attack on Titan Season 3 Wrapped on July 1st, 2019. Whenever it was announced that Season 4 would premiere in October 2020, it’ll Be released on NHK Genera Public Broadcaster Service. But a rumor is that Season 4 may have delayed due to the manufacturing Delay. Due to Covid-19, it’s expected that there’ll be a delay in Season 4. Regardless of this, the Production team is currently working hard for Season 4 Release.


    The show’s voice-over actors include the likes of

    •Maria Inoue as Armin Arlert

    •Yûki Kaji as Eren Jaeger

    •Yui Ishikawa as Mikasa Ackermann

    •Hiroshi Kamiya as Levi

    And others


    The trailer for the season is currently on Youtube. Manga reader of this show has been whining that spoilers have been given by the container. But there were no spoilers for its watchers. The trailer layout looks intriguing, and the story would be interesting to watch.


    The show revolves around the life span, and the hometown is ruined.

    He vows to cleanse the Earth of creatures known as Titans that have brought the Earth to the verge of end.


    Titans are animals who eat humans. They don’t have either their mate and organs. They are enlarged, and there’s no sole purpose in life is to devour people.

    Except for Nine Titans, who have gained intellect that is human-level as a human.

    Both titans are as follows.

    • The Founding Titan
    • The Attack Titan
    • The Colossus Titan
    • The Female Titan
    • The Armoured Titan
    • The Beast Titan
    • The Jaw Titan
    • The Cart Titan
    • The War Hammer Titan.

    The Ninth Titan (spoilers)

    The ninth titan is the war hammer titan, but it’s yet to be revealed that the name of the titan. Those who have read the Manga knows quite well that the Ninth Titan will turn out to be(Spoiler) WILLY TYBUR.


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