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Audi to launch more than 9 electrified models in China by 2021

Audi has said that it will launch probably more than nine electric car models in China by 2021. This will help them to win their market share back from Mercedes-Benz.
There was a decline in the import of Audi and an increase in the Mercedes-Benz over the last nine years. It was a 1.7% decline and a 5% increase, respectively.

The electrified model that will be launched under Volkswagen’s group plan. This will accelerate the demand for electrified cars in China. The most imported EV of Audi is e-Tron crossover. Because of its huge market, Audi will start its local production in the country.

Audi also has demand for its two plug-in hybrids, A6 Sedan, and Q7 SUV in China. The former is locally manufactured, and the latter is imported. By 2019, there will be new three plug-in hybrids in the Chinese market, Q5 crossover, A7 Sportsback, and A8 Sedan.

All the EVs that Audi has to offer to the Chinese market will exceed nine by 2021. Audi also claims that by 2025, all its products in China will be electric-based.
China is a big market with a lot of opportunities for manufacturing. Even the retail market is vast that foreign companies have to manufacture their products to meet the growing demand locally. China is moving towards energy-efficient vehicle demand.

Many companies are trying to bag this opportunity. Audi, Mercedes, Toyota, and others are trying to get a significant market share in the market. Chinese automobile manufacturers are also not behind in identifying the opportunity. BYD and FAW are already in the EV market, and their revenue is enormous.

Since China is responding well, this, the manufacturers are turning towards it. Other countries are having a growing demand for electric vehicles. But manufacturing in China opens up a lot of opportunities for the companies.
The energy-efficient cars are the future for the world with dangerous environmental conditions.


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