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    Auto Expo 2020: some such exceptional, or odd cars in this motor show

    Auto Expo 2020 opened to the general public from today (7 February). There are some such exceptional, or odd cars in this motor show, which will keep your eye on. Here we are telling you.

    ​Hyundai Elevate

    At the Car Expo, this car idea that was walking was introduced by Hyundai. Hyundai claims that the production version (final version ) of this walking automobile will be extremely useful for saving people in natural calamities such as fire and earthquake. This will provide immediate help to the needy folks.

    ​Renault Symbioz

    That can be Renault’s autonomous electric concept car, meaning that the driver will not be required to push it. The company has given a glimpse of the cars from this concept.

    ​Renault Twizy

    Renault introduced the single-seater Twizy Cargo EV in the Auto Expo. It has been screened for the first time in India. It is a quadricycle. The business asserts that the Renault Twiggy will run for 100 km charged.

    ​Hyundai Kite

    This concept car of Hyundai is also unique. Hyundai Kite is roofless a doorless and windowless car. It can be conducted both on the street and over water. The concept car using a chassis has a diameter of 1,455 mm and a span of 3,745 mm.

    ​Mahindra Funster

    Mahindra introduced the Funster Convertible Electric SUV Concept on the very first day of the Automobile Expo. This hardtop electrical vehicle has two doorways. The power output of this specified electric motor is 313hp. Mahindra claims this electric car is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km per hour in under 5 seconds. It’s a 59.2kWh battery pack. After on full cost, it is going to run for 520 km, while its top speed is 200 km per hour.

    ​Maruti Suzuki Futuro-e

    Auto Expo started with Maruti Suzuki’s Futuro-e Idea. The concept was introduced by the business on day one. In the future and its ability to differentiate it from the normal midsize SUV, Maruti has proven a glance at the design of its cars with this notion. Its title has’E’ attached to it, which is assumed to become an SUV concept.

    Maruti asserts This SUV-coupe notion is ready for the future with powertrain options such as electric and hybrid. However, the concept of SUV’s production variant can be launched in the marketplace with petrol and diesel motors.

    ​Tata Sierra

    At the Auto Expo, Tata Motors made a comeback in the 90s, an upcoming Sierra SUV. Tata has introduced the idea of an electric SUV. Such as the 90s Sierra, this SUV concept also includes three doorways. It doesn’t have a rear right door. The SUV’s interior is also exceptional. It has an area with a seat at the rear. Front seats may also be folded backward.


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