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    Avatar 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Current News

    The sequel of the masterpiece of 2009, Avatar, is gearing up to release next year. Besides these new cast members for James Cameron’s forthcoming Avatar sequels, the most unexpected improvement is Harry Potter actor David Thewlis. Lately, David revealed that he wouldn’t be a part of Avatar two, and the motive isn’t what you think.

    David Thewlis has shared more details about his role in Avatar sequels; he’s revealed he will not bet there in Avatar 2, although he will definitely be in Avatar 3 and possibly Avatar 4 and 5 if things escalate to this.

    In an interview with Collider, David explained: “Well, nothing can be more distinct than Avatar. It doesn’t resemble anything I’ve ever done. I’m not in Avatar 2, although I should be clear because I know that a magazine in Britain has got me Avatar two. I’m going to be, and the strategy is I will be in Avatar 4 and 5. I just wanted to clear that up because someone got that wrong recently”.

    David Thewlis also opened around the mythical director James Cameron, he explained “I loved working with Jim Cameron. I was a bit nervous because I’d heard stories that he is quite a taskmaster. I’d heard stories about the filming of Titanic, and that he could be rather hard. He wasn’t difficult whatsoever. He was nothing but a complete pleasure. He is something of a genius. He does all. He’s a writer, an artist, a filmmaker, and an engineer. He is just an outstanding character”.

    Meanwhile, the producer Jon Landau and James recently flew to New Zealand to resume production. Avatar 2 is scheduled to come to theatres in December 2021, with Avatar 3 following in 2023.


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