Avatar 2 is unquestionably among the most anticipated sci-fi movie of this decade. It’s been over a long time since the sci-fi enthusiasts have been waiting to hear the positive news. Read further to get the updates on it.

Each of the forthcoming sequels Avatar 2, Avatar 3, Avatar 4, and Avatar 5 have got a new cast. The renowned Malaysian celebrity, Michelle Yeoh, who rose to fame for her intense part in Tomorrow Never Dies, joined James Cameron’s much-awaited Avatar sequels as Dr. Karina Mogue. She’ll be seen playing the part of a scientist.

Sigourney Weaver will be living in Avatar 2 and as a person, this has been suggested through a new photograph that features she (Weaver) as a human. Due to James Cameron and his group for sharing such a Gorgeous image over Twitter in the collection of Avatar 2. The official Twitter account of the film franchise shared with a behind-the-scenes picture, which provides us first looks at returning characters played by Sigourney Weaver and Joel David Moore.

James Cameron reported he is confident he and his staff would have the ability to return to work relatively soon for Avatar two, which will help them to satisfy the target release date. “On the other hand, New Zealand seems to have been quite effective in controlling the virus and their aim is not mitigation, however eradication, which they believe they can perform together with aggressive contact tracing and analyzing. So there’s a possibility that our take might be postponed a couple of months, but we can still do it. So that is good news,” he explained.

Avatar 2 would comprise humans from the sequels while the movie would focus on the oceans of Pandora and rainforest. According to some sources, Avatar two will shot in New Zealand. The studio will invest over USD 500 million in costs and it’ll organize a world premiere. Here are the names of the cast of Avatar 2 Sam Worthington, Duane Evans Jr, Zoe Saldana, Filip Geljo, CCH Pounder, Bailey Bass, Jamie Flatters, Trinity Bliss, Britain Dalton to name a few.

Avatar two is supposed to hit the big screens on December 17, 2021. Stay tuned to Devdiscourse to find the latest updates on the Hollywood movies.


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