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    Avengers: Writers Big Update on Thor And Captain America!!

    There is nothing wrong with this when Cap uses it to summon lightning, but it’s somewhat perplexing. After all, in Thor: Ragnarok, if Mjölnir is ruined, Thor remains able to rally lightning since, as Odin clarifies, it wasn’t the hammer, it was Thor himself who has been summoning it.

    If you trust that Avengers: Endgame co-writer Christopher Markus can clarify it, you will be disappointed because he is recently confessed that it is a mistake.

    The crowd-pleasing second was discussed with the founders of Endgame at Slash Film’s excellent oral history of this epic final battle, together with Markus bringing the lightning instant.

    “There was a debate at the same stage because, especially in Ragnarok, it determines that Thor can muster the lightning with no hammer. I believe Odin even states,’It was not the hammer’,” Markus remembered.

    “And Cap summons the lightning using the hammer. You are like, and you get to all those things, it is too amazing not to get it done! We’ll discuss it later’.”

    And who’s to argue with this logic?

    Surely not Chris Evans himself who was”psyched” that Cap was eventually getting to lift Mjölnir — rather than the fans, who were likely too busy cheering at that instant to realize that the small continuity error.

    An explanation for this mistake can be found at the Thor film when Thor is banished from Asgard.

    Therefore it might be, so it is one of Cap’s forces when he retains Mjölnir that lightning is just one of Thor’s powers.

    Additionally, it turns out from when Cap summons Mjölnir, as visual effects manager Matt Aitken clarified that the lightning might have been there:

    “The one who wound up in the movie, there is no lightning on Mjölnir. However, we did a small amount of humor and a little more lightning also, and we introduced them to the filmmakers, and they had been editorially able to have fun with which they went with.”

    The very best choice for this moment is one which you won’t have known about.

    Composer Alan Silvestri disclosed that because they understood that Cap went to lose that portion of their struggle against Thanos, they kept off with the Avengers theme.

    Instead, they chose to use it upon the portal when Cap gets to state”Avengers… build” for the very first time.

    “What Joe and Anthony [Russo] fought with, and that I believe did a glorious job of solving, was high do we allow the audience get understanding that we are going to pull the carpet out? ,” he clarified.

    “It was tempting to give it all away [using the complete Avengers motif at the instant ], however, what we understood was, we are going to ruin Cap little by little, and we need everyone to be correct now, which this is impossible since the actual second is that the reuniting of all the Marvel world to assist him.”

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