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    Bad Boys 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything Latest Update We need to Know !!!

    Get ready for the exciting adventure, as bad boys are again back with more action and comedy. Yes, the next sequel of the movie series Bad Boys, is out with the title, “Bad Boys for Life”. The lead actors are again back with their roles, and this time there are also some twists as the ‘Bulletproof Mike’ is not anymore bulletproof. Read the article to know more about the movie.


    The third part “Bad Boys for Life” was released on 7th January this year and gained much popularity. I recommend all action lovers to watch the great show.


    The lead actors and one of the most famous(as per most of the viewer’s opinion) Will Smith is again back as Mike along with Martin Lawrence as Marcus Burnett. Apart from these Charles Melton starred as Rafe, Paola Nunez play as Rita, Vanessa Hudgens plays the character as kelly, Kate del Castillo as Isabel Aretas.


    The movie series is the story of an organization where Mike and Marcus work and fight crimes. There work, and operations gained them the title of Bad Boys. And without the famous song, I guess bad boys isn’t complete. ( Bad Boys Bad Boys, what you are going to do,………………)

    The third part of the movie sequel shows Marcus, who decides to take retirement and enjoy his family life, with his grandson. At the same time, Mike gets shot and is unconscious for over 6 months(lucky that he didn’t die). After recovery, Mike understands all set for revenge; on the other hand, Marcus is seen enjoying his retirement. After Mike’s request, Marcus gets ready for his last mission, and Bad Boys comes to life again. He is not giving more spoilers. However, one significant and most important twist of the story lies ahead.

    The movie is worth every second of the time and money invested. Every comedy, action and not to mention Will Smith’s lover must watch the excellent film.


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