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    Bad Boys 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot And More Detail

    When you think of Bad Boys you believe Will Smith and Martin Lawrence?

    You instantly believe Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, 16, when you think of Bad Boys? One does not go so that you can imagine our shock when we heard that Bad Boys 3 aka Bad Boys For Life had an ending that could have killed off Will’s personality, Mike Lowrey.

    If you have seen Bad Boys 3’s next installment you’ll understand things got pretty intense as Isabel Aretas shoots at her son Armando, once he finds out Mike is his father.

    She’d been planning for Mike but hits against Aretas he resides and is sent off to prison.

    But, Bad Boy 3’s directors, Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi have revealed the finish changed from its first version that would have seen Mike.

    ‘We didn’t know how to wrap this up necessarily. So that’s why we had to try multiple versions. We did lots of versions.

    ‘Among the possible endings, which was a favorite among the pair, saw Isabel kill herself while trying to kill Mike.’

    ‘she would like to leap in the fire voluntarily When she sees that all is lost, and she wants to shoot Mike Lowrey with her. She thinks the child is dead, so let us all perish together because, you know.


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